6100 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303
Español / English: 703-477-2577

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, starting 3/28/2020,

we will be delivering within a 2-mile radius of Tango Pastry (Map)




Delivery Menu (Menú en Español)

Delivery minimums, $20; Delivery charge $5
Please call at 703-477-2577 or send an email to info@TangoPastry.com


For your safety and ours, we are taking additional precautions:

- Pay in advance or have the money ready at delivery.

- If you live in an apartment, you must pick up the food at the building main entrance door.

- Keep a safe social distance

- Please be kind and tip the delivery person who risks exposure to a highly infectious virus.


We follow all the guidelines of the Virginia Department of Health


Be safe and Thank You for supporting

a small business!